Stacks 4

Powerful, flexible, and extensible. Stacks turns RapidWeaver into a professional-grade web development tool. With a community of developers and hundreds of pre-made stacks, you can build anything

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Requires RapidWeaver 8 (or newer) and macOS 10.12 (or newer).

Build Anything

  • Responsive Layout

    Build modern, responsive web pages with simple drag and drop. Add columns, images, and content with ease. No coding required.

  • More Stacks

    There are now more than 800 stacks available. Whether you need animations, icons, image galleries, or social buttons, there's a stack for that.†††

  • Partials

    Partials let you build pages from reusable components that you create and share across your whole website. Partials take the repetition out of web design so you can focus on building better sites.

  • Fast, Flexible, Library

    The Stacks library is faster than ever. Scroll through hundreds of stacks at blazing speed and search instantly.

  • Customizable Workflow

    Like everything in one window? Or floating windows for libraries and settings? A little of both? We've got you covered. Stacks lets you work the way you want to.

  • Stacks API

    Use the Stacks API to extend Stacks and make it do just about anything. Or publish your creation and share it with the world on the RealMac community site. The Stacks API is fully documented.

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Build Pages Faster with Externals

Reusable components you build, edit, and use anywhere on every site.

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All New Configurable Dark Mode

Tame Mojave dark mode. Dark only where you want it to be.

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Streamlined Workflow

Select, edit, move, and copy many stacks at the same time.

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Over 800 Stacks and Counting

With so many amazing stacks, there's a stack for just about everything.†††

What's New in Stacks 4

  • Play Video Multiple Selection

    Multiple Selection

    In Stacks 4 you can interact with many stacks at the same time. Select, move, delete, and copy & paste now work on many stacks, even in different areas and different layout hierarchies. But it's not only layout, watch the end to see how you can adjust the settings of many stacks all at the same time.

  • Play Video Library Customization

    Library Customization

    We added a new user interface to make it easy to customize Stacks library groups. Add icons and colors to make your library groups unique and easy to find. Plus, see a walk through of a bunch of ways to customize the Stacks library, speed up your workflow, and optimize Stacks for your projects.

  • Play Video Text Editing

    Text Editing

    We've added a brand new text editing user interface to Stacks. Not only does it look great and work great even on narrow columns, but also has new toolbars optimized for the content — including a Markdown toolbar. Now you can edit Markdown, even if you're just learning.

  • Play Video Site Images

    Site Images

    Warehouse images easily and without leaving RapidWeaver. Drag and drop images to automatically create site-wide resources in your RapidWeaver project. Now images get uploaded only once — even if you use the image many times — even if you use the image on many pages. It's totally pain-free warehousing.††

  • Play Video Externals


    Externals are like partials, but with all the restrictions removed: share them across projects, save them to the Finder as a stack, or lock them down to create your own templates. Externals give you super-powers to reuse content across every project, speed up project maintenance, and optimize your workflow.

  • Play Video 5 More Things

    5 More Things

    We've added 5 big new features, but we've added a ton of little features too. Check out this video of 5 fun little things that we've aded to make Stacks even better.