Flow builds an animated bar of thumbnails from your images. Click on a thumbnail and the full size content fades in. Add text, images, and even HTML to your full size content.

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Requires RapidWeaver 8 or newer and macOS 10.12 Sierra or newer.

Animated Sliding Fun for RapidWeaver

  • Interactive Fun

    Flow makes a dull list of images into a fun user interface. It's dynamic and interactive to keep your audience engaged and enjoying your webpages.

  • Drag, Drop, Done!

    Create a photo album with ease. Just drag a folder full of images into Flow. Flow imports, creates thumbnails, and even extracts camera info from the images.

  • Customizable

    Flow comes with a nice default album, but can be easily configured to do just about anything. Or download a pre-made style to give your site the perfect professional look.

  • Flow Loves Content

    Flow leverages the Styled Text engine within RapidWeaver®. It lets you add just about any sort of content, like text, images, and even HTML.

  • Browser Compatible

    Flow is tested to work well with all the modern browsers, plus a ton of the not so modern. And Flow will look great and animate smoothly on all of them. Yes, even in Internet Explorer.

  • Effects Made Easy

    Flow uses standards based Javascript and CSS to build a beautiful dynamic interface. All you have to know is which images you'd like to display.