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Accordion is a dynamic animated page for RapidWeaver®. Items smoothly slide open and slide closed again when you're done. Accordion works with just about any content like text, images, and even HTML.


Animated Fun

Accordion makes a dull list of data into a fun interface. It's dynamic and interactive to keep your audience engaged and enjoying your webpages.

Neat and Tidy

Accordion lets your visitors focus on one thing at a time. It's great for FAQs and lists that need organization.


Add your own header images, tweak the colors, change the animation speed. Accordion isn't just a cookie cutter script, it lets you build your own unique interface that fits your site.

Accordion Loves Content

Accordion leverages the Styled Text engine within RapidWeaver®. It lets you add just about any sort of content, like text, images, and even HTML.

Browser Compatible

Accordion is tested to work well with all the modern browsers, plus a ton of the not so modern. And Accordion will look great and animate smoothly on all of them. Yes, even in Internet Explorer.

SEO Safe

Accordion uses highly semantic, clean, valid HTML and CSS. This means search engines will still index all the content on your site.

More Accordion Info On the Web

Check out these live demos of some great Accordion pages. Each example includes the recipe that you'll need to duplicate it on your site.

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YourHead Plugins require RapidWeaver 5 and Mac OS X 10.7 or newer.

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User Manuals: Accordion, Blocks, Flow, Collage, and Stacks.
API Reference: Stacks.


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